11 Vastu tips for a prosperous home..

1) Keep the entrance of your house clean and clutter free. Do not keep shoes scattering around the main door, it obstructs the energy coming inside the house.

2) Do not hang any depressing, painful or sad painting on the walls. Instead hang some bright and happy pictures/paintings.

3) Fish aquarium is considered to be very auspicious especially in the wealth front. Keep it in the living room for continuous flow of wealth. Clean and change the water at regular interval.

4) Keep the toilet/bathroom doors closed.

5) Never keep a cactus or any of the kind plants at home.

6) If your expenses are out of your control, keep a plant in your bathroom.

7) Never keep a plant or water element in the bedroom.

8) While sleeping your head should point towards south. For students, it should be east.

9) Never place God’s image facing south direction. You should face east while praying.

10) Never keep dining table against the wall.

11) Keep salt in the bathroom. It absorbs negative energy. Don’t forget changing the salt at regular intervals.


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