Kegel exercise for childbirth preparation, bladder control, vaginal tightening and what not!


Kegel exercise helps in strengthening of pelvic floor muscle. It helps in controlling bladder (when you leak few drops while sneezing, coughing or laughing), urinary incontinence (when you have strong urge to urinate and when you urinate, you urinate good amount of urine) and also helps a lot in childbirth preparation. It is also believed that it helps in tightening of vagina (even after vaginal delivery) and thus aids in having a great sex life. Every lady should do this because with age many do start facing all these problems. The best part of this exercise is that you can do it anytime, anywhere while travelling, while watching TV and the person sitting next to you don’t even know you are doing any exercise 😉
Now let’s move on to see how to do this exercise.

1) Identify your pelvic muscle. The first thing to do is to identity your pelvic muscle. For doing that, go to urinate when you have the urge for it and stop in-between urinating, the muscle that let you stop urinating in-between is the pelvic muscle.

2) The technique. Now as you’ve identified the pelvic muscle, let’s move on to the technique. Contract your pelvic muscle and try holding it for 10 seconds and then relax for another 10 seconds. Try doing 10 repetitions of it.

3) How much and some imp. points. Do 10 rep. at least thrice a day. Don’t try holding your breathe while contacting, breathe normally. Don’t try contracting your abdominal or thigh muscle, just focus on pelvic muscle. Never never and never do this exercise while emptying the bladder as it can weaken the muscle and can lead to UTI(urinary tract infection)!

So do engage in this wonderful exercise, you would definitely be benefited. 

Here is a video on the same by

IMPORTANT Although Kegel is a safe exercise still confirm with your gynecologist before starting it.

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