Veg. chila with amla-dhania chatni..

Vegetable Chila

Vegetable Chila

When it comes to breakfast, muesli, cornflakes and oats are the things I consider at last. I like to feed my family with fresh hot Indian breakfast. Until the morning is good and satisfactory, we can’t expect an energetic, high mood day. But my hubby leaves for office really early at 7 am. And I have to do hell lot of things before that-cook his lunch, cut a big bowl full of salad and another big bowl full of fruits which he carries to office and then make breakfast. And sometimes, my 2 years toddler wakes up at the same time and clings to me. Making him engage in some activity also takes away some time. So because of the time constraint, I can’t indulge into lengthy breakfast option, but I try to incorporate the maximum nutrients I can in the quick breakfast I make. Here is the recipe of one of those quick, easy breakfast options, veg. chila & gooseberry chatni.

Ingredients for veg. chila:

Gram flour/besan-2 cups
Veg. of your choice-1/2-1 cup(finely cut)
Green chilli-1/4 tsp(chopped)
Black pepper powder-1 pinch
Dry fenugreek/kasuri methi-1 tbsp(roughly crushed with hand)
Salt-to test
Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
Oil-1 tbsp
Water-1 ½-2 cups(approx.)

Method for making veg. chila:

-> Mix gramflour, turmeric powder, salt and water.
-> Beat them properly to avoid any lumps plus to aerate the mixture.
-> Now add rest of the ingredients and mix them well (if time permits, keep aside for 5 minutes).
-> Now grease a pan and keep it on the stove.
-> Pour the batter(we don’t want a very hot pan while pouring the batter because it resists the spreading of batter properly).
-> Now when you find that the batter is leaving the edges, sprinkle a bit of oil around it and on its surface and give it a flip.
-> When both the surfaces are cooked properly, take it off the pan.

Now the Chatni. Amla is so rich in Vitmain C, I think everyone should try to have it daily, be it in any form.

Ingredients for goosbery chatni:

Garlic-6 cloves(if small)
Green chilli-1
Coriander leaves-5 tbps
Extra virgin olive oil or mustard oil-1-2 tsp
Lime juice-1 tsp
Salt-to taste

Method for chatni:

-> Mix all the ingredients and run the mixer.
-> Adjust salt, oil and lime juice as per your liking.

All ready!! 🙂

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