{DIY}-Home-made body scrub for soft and smooth skin!

I made this body scrub a month back and using it since then. It really makes the skin soft and supple. If you have an extreme oily body, you can skip adding oil. So lets start with the method!
You would need-
* Almond powder
* Crushed oats
* Red lentil/Masooor dal powder
* A bowl
* Almond oil
* Body wash

Mix crushed oat, almond powder, masoor dal in the ratio 1:2:3. You can mix good quantity of it and store it in a box and keep it in your bathroom shelf.
Now you can use this scrub while taking shower. In a bowl take 1-2 tbsp of the powder,


add 1-2 tbsp of body wash

and 1/2 tsp drops of oil(since the body wash I am using right now is already having olive oil so I am skiping the oil part).

Now add little water to make a paste.
Wet your body and then apply this paste all over it. Keep it for 5 minutes if you can and now scrub very gently with loofah and then wash with water. Pat dry with towel and apply body lotion. Do it twice or thrice a week.



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