5 foods to prevent cancer!

1) Berries (esp. black raspberries):
Berries are full of cancer-fighting phytonutrients. Black raspberries have high concentration of anthocyanins which helps in preventing causing cancer by slowing down the growth of premalignant cells.

2) Cruciferous vegetables (esp. broccoli):
Cruciferous veg. like kale, cabbage, cauliflower etc have cancer fighting properties. Broccoli has a considerable amount of sulforaphane, which flushes out cancer causing chemicals.

3) Garlic:
Garlic has been found to check the formation of carcinogens formed in the stomach due to consumption of nitrate. It lowers the risk of cancer.

4) Tomatoes:

Tomato is the best source of lycopene, a carotenoid that stops the growth of endometrical cancer cells. The heating of tomatoes increases the amount of lycopene which our body can absorb. So, don’t forget to include tomato in your diet.

5) Walnuts:

Walnut has been found to block oestrogen receptors in breast cancer cells. Needless to say, we ladies, can’t afford to avoid eating them.


Tooth Sensitivity: Causes & Cures

Tooth sensitivity is the sensation (or in the worse case, pain) that one feels while eating/drinking something hot, cold or acidic.

Healthy tooth Vs. Sensitive tooth

Healthy tooth Vs. Sensitive tooth

As you can see in the figure, in the healthy tooth (left hand side), the dentin of the tooth (the layer that surrounds the nerve) is covered by the enamel and the gum. While in the sensitive tooth (right hand side), the dentine of the tooth is exposed to environment either because of receding gum line or loss of enamel and causes sensation or tooth sensitivity.

There are various factors that can lead to sensitivity of the tooth:

* Receding gums due to age, improper brushing techniques or any gum disease.
* Fractured tooth that can lead to dentine exposure.
* Plague in the mouth.
* Using various teeth whitening products, many of them contains peroxide which can lead to teeth sensitivity.
* Using hard toothbrush, brushing incorrectly or brushing more than thrice a day that can cause thinning or loss of enamel.

How to prevent tooth sensitivity:

* NEVER use hard bristled toothbrush, it can lead to enamel loss or erosion.
* NEVER brush aggressively. ALWAYS brush gently with soft hand. Here is Colgate teaches you how to brush correctly- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzXRehGBEOg
* AVOID brushing just after tea/coffee etc as at that time enamel is in its weak form and can be eroded easily.
* DON’T brush more than twice a day, you don’t need to. Go the Indian way, gargle with water after every meal.
* MAKE the habit of gently massaging the gums with index finger towards the tooth (downward for the upper teeth and upward for the lower teeth) after brushing your teeth. It helps in preventing the gums from receding.

Some home remedies for curing sensitivity:

* Take 1 tbsp of mustard oil and mix it well with 1 tsp of salt (preferably rock salt). Apply on your teeth, massage for 5 minutes and then leave it for another 5 minutes before rinsing it off with water.
* In a glass of lukewarm water, add 2 tsp of salt and rinse your mouth with this salt-water solution twice a day.

If you still can’t find any relief, visit a dentist!

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Beauty secrets of bollywood actresses!!

We wonder what the bollywood actresses do to get that glowing and beautiful skin. Two things common to all are, good amount of water intake which keeps the skin hydrated and eating a balance diet. Let’s see their beauty regimens!

Kareena Kapoor:


No matter how hard you try, you can’t ignore her glowing skin. She is a true punjabi by heart who loves her parathas with ghee but she also considers her exercise and yoga routines as a prayer. She does 80-100 rounds of suryanamaskar. She is a vegetarian who eats every two hours to keep her metabolism going. She doesn’t believes in facials and avoid chemical products as much as possible. She follows the CTM routine and never sleeps with make-up on. She eats a healthy meal with lots of green veggies and whole grains.
For her hair she massages it using a mixture of almond oil, castor oil, coconut oil and olive oil once a month.

Dia Mirza:


This sweet lady is also blessed with a beautiful and flawless skin. She has a combination skin which is quite moody. She vouch for ‘Body Shop’ skin care products. She is a foodie and eats vegetables in the salad form and tries avoiding heavily cooked foods. She is regular with her exercise and follows the CTM routine.

Aishwarya Rai:


You can love her or hate her, but can’t ignore her. Much talked about her pregnancy weight gain and all, but no one can deny about her beautiful skin. She makes sure to drink warm water with lemon and honey every morning. She drinks 8 glasses of water and is so much into eating fruits and veggies. She also drinks coconut water for hydrating her skin. A firm believer of natural beauty care products, she can’t go outstation without carrying her gramflour/besan along(which she uses as a cleanser and exfoliator). For moisturizing her skin, she uses milk and yogurt. She is also into yoga and meditation.

Deepika Padukone:


The leggy lass and the nation’s latest heart-throb, Deepika, too is blessed with a beautiful skin. With an athlete background, fitness has always been into her routine. She is a morning person and a great fitness freak who can even wake up at 5 pm just to run. She believes in doing yoga outside, in the nature. When busy with her shoot she does take out 1/ 2 hour from her sleep and exercises because that makes her feel great. She is not a great fan of facial but indulges into cleaning sessions. She does indulge into body massage once a week. Loves her south indian dosas, but do eat it without potato filling and with mint(pudina) chutney instead of the coconut one. She relies on dark chocolates for the sweet cravings.

Sonakshi Sinha:


We have seen her many times without makeup. But with or without makeup she looks beautiful. She gives the credit for her beautiful skin to her mom, who is still so beautiful. She is also a follower of CTM routine and does not step out without sunblock. She believes that fake eyelashes gives a beautiful look. She rubs ice on her face for instant glow and closing the pores. She also applies aloe vera gel on regular basis.

Madhuri Dixit:


We don’t even remember when we get to see her for the very first time. No doubt, she has aged gracefully. She endorses having balanced diet on time. She says “if you do not take rest you do tend to attract wrinkles so rest with proper exercise is very important”. Her exercise regime also includes kathak. She vouches for gramflour, honey and lemon for natural glow. She emphasizes on massaging hair regularly with oil before washing for stronger, thicker and healthier hair.

Karishma kapoor:


Kapoor’s glowing skin is genetic but this yummy mummy lost 25 kgs after her pregnancy and even in her late 30s she is still so fit and beautiful. She eats about 6-8 meals a day and do take 2-3 egg whites daily. Her weakness is eating out but when she does so she eats healthy options available. She exercises 3-4 times a week, does take stairs and practices yoga. She loves to take ½ hr of nap every afternoon. She washes her hair twice a week and get it trimmed every 2 months.

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My post pregnancy weight loss story!

My post on a fitness site: http://fitness.makeupandbeauty.com/weight-loss-story/

Losing weight post pregnancy is a huge challenge. There is a general notion that it is nearly impossible to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight, but I think when one is determined to lose all those extra kilos there is no point she will not. I gained so much of weight during pregnancy 17 kg to be precise. All my relatives used to say that I won’t get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. They even used to gift me big-sized dresses But there was not even 0.0001% doubt in my mind that I will not be able to lose the extra fat.

A bit of history:

I was always “not so thin, not so fat” type of girl. Who used to eat what she liked and never gave much thought of what is going inside her. I never had weight issues until I joined college. I started gaining weight and it was merely because there was no physical activities like the way, I had it in school. But never mind, I start avoiding fatty foods and was never ever overweight any time in my life, even in college. After completing my engineering and working for few years I got married in 2010 and got pregnant the same year. I gained hell lot of weight during my pregnancy.

I delivered my baby in August 2011 and my sis wedding was finalized for feb. 2012. I wanted to lose weight before her wedding. So here is what led me lose those extra flab. FYI, I had a c section.

Mind make up:

This would sound so stupid to you, but believe me mind has an important role to play in whatever we do, even in losing weight. Once you are determined no one in this world can stop you from achieving it!

* Never ever doubt that you won’t be the same, be 100% confident you will be.

* Every morning just feel that you got a bit lighter today (irrespective of your body weight).

* Feel that you are getting thinner with every passing day even though you are not.

Eating habits:

Be vigilant of what are you eating throughout the day. I used to munch on fruits in between meals. I am not so fond of fried food or packed food. I don’t like biscuits, chips, puri, pakoras, french fries etc. I am also not a big fan of sweet foods. In fact, I dislike it completely. But when I was pregnant and even during nursing period, I used to crave for it badly.

I could very easily eat down 10 jalebis or 2 big packets of chocolates or 3-4 pastries. And was really tensed about my this weird sweet tooth. Finally I came up with these two tricks to curb my craving.

* I kept on delaying. If suppose I want to eat pastries right now, I would delay it for ½ hr. or 1 hr. And will keep on delaying till there is no more craving.

* Suppose I want to have it really badly, I would have a very small portion of it and would eat it the slowest I can.

Other points:

* I used to sip lukewarm water just before going to bed. It helped me in reducing the tummy size.

* Whenever I used to get time or was feeding my baby I used to do tummy squeeze (Breathe in as you relax your abdomen, then breathe out as you suck your abdominal muscles into your spine. Hold till the count of 10). I saw this exercise in some fitness program on TV by some doc.

* I used to wear a tummy belt all through the day. That was given in the hospital only.

* I wanted to do yoga as I used to do it before. But time did not permit it so I used to walk daily for 1 hour. I read somewhere that walking has also some way of doing it properly. It was suggested to start walking slowly and then gradually increasing your speed. After achieving the peak gradually decreases it to the speed at which you started. So I followed it.

I got back to my pre-pregnancy weight in 9-10 months. But all those lactating moms please eat healthy as you have to feed your baby. Take Care!

The fun-filled way of getting a toned body-Belly Dancing!

belly dance

Going to gym everyday can be boring. What about spending your summer vacation this year in a fun and healthy way by joining a belly dance class? Afterall, we the moms also need break and fun in our lives 😉

Ok. So now some details about belly dance!

Raqs Sharki (Middle Eastern name meaning “oriental dancing”) or belly dance is an ancient and popular form of dancing. Not only it is fun to do but has health benefits too. Read on the benefits:

1) Muscle Toning & Improved Posture:
Regular dancing helps firming and toning muscles especially the abdominals, arms, upper back, hips and thighs. These toned muscles improve posture and help prevent back pain.

2) Weight Loss:
One can burn approx. 250-300 calorie per hour doing this dance form(ofcourse depending upon the intensity of the dance).

3) Preparing for Childbirth & Pre-natal care:
Belly dancing(esp. the rolling circular and figure 8 movements) leads to strengthening of the pelvic muscles which helps in child birth. It is also useful in muscle control with helps in vaginal delivery. The firmed pelvic muscle helps in quick recovery after childbirth.

4) Calming pre-menstrual symptoms:
Belly dancing also helps in reducing menstrual pain. Figure 8 and snake arms movements helps in reducing the tension in the pelvic area.

5) Lubricate Joints:
The belly dance movements leads to increase in the flow of a natural lubricant, synovial fluid. Thus it helps in dealing with arthritis too esp. in the shoulder and wrist area.

6) Aids Digestion:
Exercising the abdominal area helps move food along the digestive system, thus aids in digestion.

7) Stress Reduction:
A person who loves dancing anyhow gets stress free after having dance session. And same is the case with belly dancing.

Happy Dancing! 🙂

IMPORTANT: Although it is safe to do this dance, but if you have serious back problem, health concerns or if you are pregnant, please do consult your doctor before starting this dance form.

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Do you re-use mineral water bottle? And do you look at the number at the bottle base?

Pic Source:momsgoinggreenblog.com

Pic Source:momsgoinggreenblog.com

Re-using mineral water bottle is not a good idea. They are meant for single use only. The plastic used in those bottles are “Polyethylene terephthalate” which contains “Diethylhydroxylamine”, which is potentially a cancer causing element! A small school-going girl is believed to be died of cancer in Dubai because of repeatedly drinking water in a mineral water bottle. She painted it and decorated it and used to take water to school in that bottle only. So, please avoid using it repeatedly.

The plastic identification numbers are written at the bottom of the plastic bottles so do look at these before using them in a particular way.
Click at the image below:

Pic Source: veganlogy.com

Pic Source: veganlogy.com

Note that recycle#1 bottles are safe but for single use only.

Do your drink sufficient water according to your body weight?


We have been repeatedly told to drink sufficient water. There are so many advatages of drinking water:

1) It helps in weight loss.
2) It is good for our skin and makes us look younger.
3) It helps and prevent in skin discoloration.
4) It gives us energy and makes us energetic.
5) It helps in removing toxins from the body.
6) It increases our metabolic rate and aids in digestion.
7) It fights againts flu, kidney stones, respiratory disease, arthritis, head aches, back pain.
8) It helps maintaining body Ph of 7 (neutral) for better body function.
9) It helps in keeping our brain alert thus leads to the ability to think.

But how much should be sufficient amount of water for any particular person? Ideally, water intake per day should be half of your weight in lbs.

In other words, if your weight is 65 kg = 65*2.2 = 143 lbs, your daily water intake should be: 143/2 = 71.5 oz
A small glass is approx 10 oz, so 7 glass of water everyday!

So are you drinking much? 😉