The fun-filled way of getting a toned body-Belly Dancing!

belly dance

Going to gym everyday can be boring. What about spending your summer vacation this year in a fun and healthy way by joining a belly dance class? Afterall, we the moms also need break and fun in our lives 😉

Ok. So now some details about belly dance!

Raqs Sharki (Middle Eastern name meaning “oriental dancing”) or belly dance is an ancient and popular form of dancing. Not only it is fun to do but has health benefits too. Read on the benefits:

1) Muscle Toning & Improved Posture:
Regular dancing helps firming and toning muscles especially the abdominals, arms, upper back, hips and thighs. These toned muscles improve posture and help prevent back pain.

2) Weight Loss:
One can burn approx. 250-300 calorie per hour doing this dance form(ofcourse depending upon the intensity of the dance).

3) Preparing for Childbirth & Pre-natal care:
Belly dancing(esp. the rolling circular and figure 8 movements) leads to strengthening of the pelvic muscles which helps in child birth. It is also useful in muscle control with helps in vaginal delivery. The firmed pelvic muscle helps in quick recovery after childbirth.

4) Calming pre-menstrual symptoms:
Belly dancing also helps in reducing menstrual pain. Figure 8 and snake arms movements helps in reducing the tension in the pelvic area.

5) Lubricate Joints:
The belly dance movements leads to increase in the flow of a natural lubricant, synovial fluid. Thus it helps in dealing with arthritis too esp. in the shoulder and wrist area.

6) Aids Digestion:
Exercising the abdominal area helps move food along the digestive system, thus aids in digestion.

7) Stress Reduction:
A person who loves dancing anyhow gets stress free after having dance session. And same is the case with belly dancing.

Happy Dancing! 🙂

IMPORTANT: Although it is safe to do this dance, but if you have serious back problem, health concerns or if you are pregnant, please do consult your doctor before starting this dance form.

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