Kids’ tiffin option-French toast!


This is an easy and fast recipe ideal for kids’ lunchbox. So as my son says “fata-fat”, lets fata-fat look at its recipe.


Brown bread-2 slices (cut into 4 pieces)
Black pepper and salt-to taste
Onion (chopped)-1-2 tsp
Milk-1 tsp
Oil-1 tsp


* In a plate whisk an egg and add salt, black pepper, milk and chopped onion in it.
* Heat up oil in a frying pan.
* Now dip all the bread pieces in the egg mixture. After 1 minute (when the bread absorbs the egg mixture) put it in the pan.
* Cook both sides till golden brown.

Add some sauce if your kid likes it and now it is ready to be packed!

Bana na fata-fat? 😉 😛