A funny incident…

2355228-326683-illustration-of-kids-at-bus-stop-waiting-for-school-busA funny incident happened to me few days back. I was waiting at my colony gate for my office cab and few steps apart, there was a small school-going girl waiting with her dad for her school bus. Suddenly, she pointed her finger towards me and started shouting “papa udhar dekho”. She was so scared and about to cry. I felt so embarrassed and said to myself “oh gosh, do I look so horrible that the girl is scared of me”. At that time, I had lots of pimple on my face and a day prior to this incident even I was wondering by glancing at the mirror “yaar, ye kitna darawane lag rahein hain”. But not had the slightest idea that I am looking so horrible that a kid will get scared of me and would start to cry by my appearance. I was cursing the cab, “jaldi kyo nahi aaraha yaar..” and I started looking here and there just to curb my anger and embarrassment. Suddenly I looked back and was like “Oh no”! There was an about 5 ft 8 inch tall cow with almost 2 ft long horns and she was just 1/2 ft away from me. I ran from that place and felt like shouting at that girl’s dad “aapki beti itni der se chilla rahi hain, par aap ek baar bol nahi sakte ki mere pichhe itni badi aur itni dangerous gai khadi hain..#$%%^&&$#@” 😑 and more of it. But then my cab arrived and I left. I was a bit relieved, not because I survived that long, sharp-horned cow, but because I get to know that I don’t look that horrible to make a child scared of me. And later I was smiling at the whole incident throughout the day πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

P.S: I wrote this post few years ago in my personal blog (shivani-blahblah.blogspot.com, which is dormant now).

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