Do your drink sufficient water according to your body weight?


We have been repeatedly told to drink sufficient water. There are so many advatages of drinking water:

1) It helps in weight loss.
2) It is good for our skin and makes us look younger.
3) It helps and prevent in skin discoloration.
4) It gives us energy and makes us energetic.
5) It helps in removing toxins from the body.
6) It increases our metabolic rate and aids in digestion.
7) It fights againts flu, kidney stones, respiratory disease, arthritis, head aches, back pain.
8) It helps maintaining body Ph of 7 (neutral) for better body function.
9) It helps in keeping our brain alert thus leads to the ability to think.

But how much should be sufficient amount of water for any particular person? Ideally, water intake per day should be half of your weight in lbs.

In other words, if your weight is 65 kg = 65*2.2 = 143 lbs, your daily water intake should be: 143/2 = 71.5 oz
A small glass is approx 10 oz, so 7 glass of water everyday!

So are you drinking much? 😉