Get sexy RED this season!

Red has always been in fashion, but the latest trend has even enhanced its value. Red suits all skin tones equally well. You just need to choose the correct shade of red for your skin tone and apply the lipstick well. But before proceeding to the lipstick application, you should always prepare your lips because how beautifully you apply the lipstick and how beautiful the shade may be, it will not look good on chapped and dry lips. For preparing your lips, you just have to scrub your lips to get rid of the dead cell and moisturize it well. Wait for 5 minutes to let the misturizer(lip balm/vaseline/castor oil etc) soaks into your lips and then go ahead to follow these steps-


1) Apply primer on your lips. This will help the lipstick stay longer.

2) Line your lips with the same lip liner as your lipstick. Also fill up your lips with the lipliner.

3) Now apply the lipstick over it. Filling the lips with liner would help you to avoid the sharp lipliner lines visible after few hours of the lipstick application, when the lipstick will fade(through eating, drinking etc) but the lipliner will not 😐 .


4) Now press a tissue paper in between your lips. This will help in setting the lipstick and also removing the excess of it so that you would not stain. You can also sprinkle little powder inside the tissue(in the fold).

5) Apply another coating of the lipstick.

It is done!

But if you want glossy red and a fuller lips appearance then follow these steps too-


6) After step 5, apply nude gloss or a pink gloss at the center of your lips. Not to the whole of your lips, just center(else it can bleeds through the corners of your lips).

7) On the top(cupid bow) and bottom of your lips apply a white liner.

8) Merge it with the help of your finger. It will give your lips a 3D look.

Yo \m/ ! All set to party 😀