How to calculate your estimated or expected date of delivery(EDD)?

EDD calculation

EDD calculation

Whenever a woman gets to know that she is pregnant, the next thing on her mind is when she would be delivering her little bundle of joy i.e, what’s the EDD. The duration of pregnancy is 40 weeks, but 90% of the births do occur anytime between 39th to 41st weeks. Not to mention that in some rare cases like in pre-mature babies cases, it can occur even before that. But for EDD calculation, we consider 40 weeks as our benchmark. Ok, so now coming to the method.
You can calculate your expected delivery date in just 4 steps.

1) Take a paper and write down the first day of your last menstrual period(LMP).
2) Now shift the date to 3 months back.
3) Now add 7 days to it.
4) Last step, add one year to the date.

Here is an example,

1) Suppose the 1st day of your last menstrual period(LMP) is 26th Jan 2013. Write down on a paper.
2) Now shift the date 3 months back. In this case 26th Jan’13 will be shifted to 26th Oct’12.
3) Now add 7 days to it. So 26th Oct’12 will be now 2nd Nov’12.
4) Now add 1 year to the date. So 2nd Nov’12 will be 2nd Nov’13.

So your EDD is 2nd Nov’13! 🙂