Do you wear correct size bra??

Do you know more than 70% women wear wrong size bra? It not only affects their appearance but also their health leading to backache, poor posture and ofcourse it is doing no good to their breasts. While buying a new bra make sure you buy the one which fits you well, not so tight that your bust comes out from its side or from below, you don’t want so loose a bra too!

If you don’t know what would be the correct size for you, find below the method to measure your bra size(courtesy: Jockey India!

Measuring correct bra size

Measuring correct bra size

• 1. Cup Size (Overbust): Place the measuring tape across the fullest part of the bust. Ensure that tape is at the same level on the front and back of the body. The tape should be held tight edge to edge with no space in between. This measurement is the bust shown in the size reference chart.

• 2. Bra Size (Underbust): Lightly place the measuring tape around the underbust. Ensure that the tape is at the same level on the front and back of the body. This measurement is the underbust sizes as shown in the size reference chart.

For e.g. If the underbust is 70 cms, which means the bra size is 32(see in the chart below)and if the overbust is 87 cms, means the cup size is “C”(see in the chart below, again). Then the size of bra you should look for, must be 32C.
Standard Bra Size Reference Chart: