Get rid of the dark underarms!!


Are you also one of those girls/ladies who is so willing to wear sleeveless shirts, tops and dresses but drops the idea because of her dark underarms? If yes, you better NOT! 😉

It is normal for the underarms to be a shade darker than the rest of your body. But if you are finding it a way darker then it means you are not taking proper care of it! But don’t worry, it’s never too late. Here are few tips which would make your underarms beautiful (just be takes around 8-10 months..but worth the effort):

1) Throw all the razors in the dustbin (not of your hubby’s..else you’d thrown in the bin 😛 ):

Yeah, please do that! Razors do not remove your hair from the roots but cut them mid-way. You can never find your underarms all beautiful after using a razor..why? Because the hair is cut midway and the hair which is beneath the skin peeks from there making the whole underarm looks darker.
Throwing razor doesn’t mean you need to invite hair remover. It is even worse than your razor. The chemicals used in it makes your skin darker after repetitive use. So the best bet is wax with tweezers. You can make an affordable, no chemical homemade wax with honey, sugar and lemon (will let you know the detail method in another post 🙂 ).

2) Try avoiding deodorants as much as possible:

Deodorants are also not good for you if you are striving for lighter underarms. If you really have the problem of body odour you can rub lemon on your underarms which has dual benefit-keeps body odour at bay and being a natural bleach lightens your underarms. If you can’t leave deodorants and can’t live without them just keep in mind 3 things- 1) Keep it at a distance while spraying 2) Always buy a deodorant after looking at its ingredients 3) Always wipe the deodorant PROPERLY before going to bed otherwise it can clog the pores, which is not good 😉

3) Make scrub your best friend:

It is very important to exfoliate the dead cell off your underarms. So make it a habit to exfoliate gently every single day while taking shower. You can also make your own effective scrub. Just mix 1 tbsp honey , 1 tbsp sugar, 1 tsp lemon juice and few drops of oil (of your choice) and apply it on your underarms. Massage gently with circular motion and rinse it off.

5) Use cucumber and lemon:

Take a tbsp of cucumber juice with 1 tbsp of lemon juice and apply it all over the underarms everyday 5-10 minutes before shower. This will help in lightening of the underarms.

4) Moisturize:

It is very important to moisturize your underarms daily. A moisturized underarms are always softer and anything soft are mostly beautiful, isn’t it? 😉

So try these tips and you would notice a GREAT change in the color tone and texture of your underarms soon 🙂

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