How to identify your skin type?

Whenever you go to buy skin products, you get to see labels of ‘for dry/normal/oily skin’. When you know what your skin type is, it is easy to pick the product, but what if you’re confused? You mostly end-up buying any random pick! Why not to know your skin type and use the apt product?

You can know what you skin type is with the feel of your skin. But if you can’t, take this test!

In the morning, the first thing you need to do is to press a facial tissue against your face gently.

Tissue Test

Tissue Test

-> If the tissue comes out oily and greasy, then you have an OILY SKIN.

-> If the tissue is greasy around the forehead, nose and chin and the area, then you have a COMBINATION SKIN (T-Zone OILY).

-> If the tissue comes out normally and your skin feels normal, then you have a NORMAL SKIN.

-> If the tissue comes out normally, but your skin feels stretched, then you have DRY SKIN.