Is your toddler constipated?

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Many newborns face constipation problem till they just drink milk(upto 6 months). This is mostly common with bottle-fed babies since formula aren’t that easy to digest as the breast milk. But after that if the baby is still suffering from constipation, it means either he is dehydrated, not eating enough fibres or not chewing well(just gulping down). My son too had great constipation problem; it was upto such an extent that he used to literally shout of pain during passing stool. But thankfully, his bowel movement is all well now. Following are the tips which I implemented, some of these are shared by my son’s paediatrician while others are from our age-old Ayurveda 🙂

1) Avoid giving him potatoes and rice. This can leads to further constipation(this is what his paediatrician suggested. Son dear is a BIG rice lover, so I didn’t implement this suggestion, you can go ahead and try this one).

2) Feed him prunes which helps a lot in dealing with constipation(you can cheat him on this. Make the purée of prunes and mix it with yogurt or whatever is his favourite).

3) Give him sugar-water. If he is not drinking much after he is full with his food, try giving him before food.

4) Give him enough fibre rich fruits and veggies.

5) Cut down on processed fatty foods, try to give whole food as much as possible.

6) Increase his fluid intake, be in the form of water or homemade juice.

7) Feed him oranges as it helps in dealing with constipation.

8) In a glass of lukewarm water mix 1/2 tsp of fennel seeds powder and try to make him sip that(I know babies are tough to handle 😐 )

9) Observe him when he eats. Does he chew his food properly? If not, make the bite even smaller.

10) Mix lemon juice and salt in a cup of lukewarm water and try giving him as the first thing in the morning.

Try these tips, I am sure it will help 🙂

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