Fluffy veg. pancakes!

Fluffy pancakes

Fluffy pancakes

This is very great breakfast option as it is full of veggies which makes it healthy plus it is super-quick to make.So let’s move on to its recipe-


Semolina-2 cups
Yogurt-1/2 cup
Salt-to taste
Mixed veg. of your choice-1 cup(chopped)
Eno-1/2 sachet
Oil-1-2 tbsp


-> Mix semolina, salt, curd and add little water to make a batter. It shouldn’t be runny.
-> Now add all veggies and 1/2-1 tsp of oil.
-> Heat up oil in a pan. And JUST BEFORE start making pancakes, add eno in the batter and mix gently with light hand(don’t over-mix it).
-> Now pour 2 tbsp of batter/pancake in the pan. Let them leave the edges, then sprinkle little oil around the edges and on the top of them and then flip them one by one.


-> Cook well the other sides too. It should be golden brown in colour.

Now take them out and serve with chatni/raita/sauce etc 🙂