Kesari Sewai

Kesari Sewai

Kesari Sewai

An easy to make dessert with a great taste quotient 🙂


Milk-1 liter
Ghee-1 tbsp
Cashew nut-10-12 nos.
Saffron(kesar)-4-6 nos.
Vermicelli-5 tbsp
Sugar-to taste


-> Soak kesar & cashewnuts in 2-3 tbsp of lukewarm milk for 5-10 minutes.
Then grind it and keep aside.
-> In the meanwhile, keep rest of the milk on stove and bring it to boil(keep stirring).
-> In a pan roast vermicelli in ghee till it turns golden brown.
-> Now add vermicelli in the boiling milk and stir for 5 minutes.
-> Add cashewnut and saffron paste in it.
-> Cook for 15-20 minutes till the vermicellis are soft. Keep stirring so that it doesn’t stick or burn at the bottom.
-> When you find that the vermicellis are cooked properly. Switch off the flame.

You can also add green cardamom powder and finely chopped pistachio to it. Serve it hot or chilled 🙂