5 ideas to make this “Valentine’s Day” special!

Being a mom keeps us so engaged that we hardly get much time to spend with our spouses. We have to literally grab any opportunity that comes along our way. So what about grabbing an opportunity this V-Day? 😉 Here are 5 ideas for the same-

1) You can ask your partner to take leave from his office on that day and can send your baby at daycare so that you both can spend the whole day together, relaxing and pampering each other.

2) You can drop your baby at your relative’s or friend’s place for 1-2 hours and can go for a dinner date.

3) You can spend time together watching your wedding video.

4) Make your baby sleep early, order dinner from outside and have a candle light dinner at home only.

5) You can watch a late night romantic movie together with your favourite snacks around.

So enjoy the much-deserved ‘couple time’ this Valentine’s day! 🙂

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