Product you can’t afford to miss!!


I am one of those people who simply hates to go to parlor for waxing and keeps on delaying the visit. But since it is summer and I can’t go without sleeveless, I need to visit it at least for my underarms to be done. I don’t like using razor or hair remover. The ‘former’ because it cuts the hair from in-between and the ‘latter’ because it tends to change the appearance of underarms, it looks dark and ugly. I don’t like both, so waxing is the only option left with me. Was just wandering in the supermarket and came across this product-veet bikini and underarms ready-to-use wax strips. I have used these ready-to-use wax strips before too on my hands and legs, but somehow I find the whole waxing process tedious and I seriously don’t have that much patience. But this product was so different. It has 8×2 wax strips. I just used 2×2 wax strips and the underarms hair was all clear. And now life has become really so easy. Even though I am lazy at doing waxing and find the whole process so boring, I do finish it off in dot 15 minutes. I am sure rest can do it in even lesser time!
Thought of making yours life easy too, so shared about this product experience. Hope you liked it 🙂

Take Care!